Mastering Business Analysis Through Effective Communication

Put a stop to poor communication habits - even the ones you don’t realize you have!

Ever wonder how some business analysts are so confident and always seem to have it together? I'll show you how to be confident in communicating with stakeholders and gain their trust and respect.

Eliciting requirements from stakeholders is the most important part of a business analyst's job. Everything you do, everything you document is based on those requirements. In order to achieve success in this area, you must have excellent communication skills.

Master Specific Communication Techniques to Set Yourself Apart from the Growing Crowd of Business Analysts

  • Know what questions to ask and how to ask them to get detailed requirements from stakeholders
  • Learn the techniques you should be using to respond to stakeholders in order to facilitate positive discussion
  • Identify listening filters that are keeping you from hearing and understanding the complete message from stakeholders

In this course we'll fix, together, the bad communication habits that are keeping you from getting detailed requirements - even the ones you don't realize you have!

To get the most out of this course, you should have an understanding of what the business analyst job function is.

Content and Overview

You'll begin the course with an overview of projects and project teams

You'll gain an understanding of how to identify listening filters and how to avoid them

To manage conversations, you'll learn the process of effective communication and how body language affects your requirements elicitation meetings.

You'll learn techniques that help you become a better listener and understand how you can use silence as a communication tool.

It's imperative to your success as a business analyst that you know what questions to ask to get at the right information. In this course we'll review the different types of questions and I'll give you specific questions you can ask in meetings to help draw out the information you need from stakeholders and subject matter experts.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 14 lectures and more than 90 minutes of content
  • Gain confidence in requirement sessions
  • Improved professional image through better communication
  • Know what questions to ask - and how to ask them - to elicit detailed requirements
  • You'll receive 1 IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) PDU/CDU credit towards qualifications for CBAP/CCBA exam or re-certification
  • A quiz to verify your understanding of the materials
  • A certificate of completion
Who is the target audience?
  • Current business analysts that are not confident in requirements elicitation meetings
  • Business analysts that are consistently missing requirements
  • Individuals that want to move into the business analyst career

Overview of Projects and Project Teams
Verbal Communication Skills
Listening Filters
The Process of Effective Communication
Body Language as Part of the Message
Acknowledgement of the Message
How to Become a Better Listener
Your Response and Feedback During Conversations
Using Silence as a Communication Tool
Asking Questions
Requirements Elicitation Techniques
Requirements Session Exercise
Communicate Effectively to the Audience
Written Communication Skills
Mastering Business Analysis Through Effective Communication

What's included

  • 15 Video Lessons
  • 1 Text Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Teresa Bennett